18 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

Ritratto di San Gaspare Bertoni in Santa Croce al Flaminio di Roma. Luigi Leggeri 1896-1972.

Quel giovinetto in cui lo Spirito Santo al di dentro crea questo cuor generoso e forte, questi è disposto ad esser un braccio della sua Chiesa. Ma chi si sente debole e timido: fuori, fuori! (Ms Bg 5334).

1783: Matilda Bertoni was born ? the only sister of Gaspar, already six years

old. She would die at the age of 3 and one half.

1827: The wife of Joseph Ferrari fell seriously ill and was anointed and received Viaticum. Fr. Bertoni told Joseph to be of good hope, as the morrow was the Feast of St. Joseph, who would watch over his loved one.

1828: Fr. Bertoni was confined to bed again as his leg was badly swollen and very painful to touch. He wrote to Mother Naudet and told her that he would be under-going surgery. He told her to copy the procedure of the Madames of the Sacred Heart in obtaining the approval of the Holy See.

1834: At about 6:00 p.m., the bells of the Stimmate rang out on the Vigil of the morrow?s Feast of St. Joseph.

1846: The Vigil of St. Joseph ? John B. Bandoria, aged 39, a tailor, entered the Stimmate.

1854: The Imperial Government answered the Congregation?s request to return Fr Bertoni?s body to the Stimmate. Before granting permission, the government asked for more information.

1858: After returning from an inspection trip to Caravaggio, Fr. Marani and Frs. Benciolini and Lenotti went to Fossolovara to preach a Mission.

1859: Holy Thursday ? Fr. Marani celebrated Mass in the Church of the Stimmate, his first Mass in many months. He was no longer able to keep his busy preaching schedule that he did his first years as Superior General.

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