15 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

Monumento di San Gaspare alle Stimmate. (Eugenio Prati 1923)

Chi sente la giustizia e la terribilità di questa sentenza (della condanna pontificia) concepisce un alto timore si sé stesso, che lo allontana... dalla presunzione. Questa è ottima disposizione. (Ms Bg 5331 .)

1826: Fr. Antony Rosmini in Milan sent the Plan of the Congregation he wanted to establish to Fr. Bertoni in Verona.

1830: Fr. Bertoni ceded the Convent of St. Teresa to Mother Naudet for her perpetual use. [These conditions were not kept in later years by the Sisters and eventually they left St. Teresa?s].

1834: A brass lamp was struck for the second time at the altar at the Stimmate, but the work was still unsatisfactory.

1842: From this day onward, Fr. Lenotti?s name appeared regularly in the Mass Book at the Stimmate. He looked poorly at this time and Fr. Bertoni had him consult a doctor.

1856: Frs. Benciolini, Venturini and Lenotti concluded the Mission at St. Thomas of Canterbury Parish in Verona.

1858: Frs. Lenotti and Vignola finished this morning a successful Mission at Ara C?li in Vicenza.

1864: There was a dispute between Fr. Benciolini and the Sisters concerning St. Teresa?s Convent and its use. Bishop di Canossa [whose two blood sisters were Sisters of the Holy Family] took counsel with a lawyer, by the name of Alexander Zeppi, who sided with the Sisters.

1873: Fr. Lenotti, Superior General, having returned to Sale di Povo the day before from his trip to Prague, returned to Verona.

1878: Fr. Rigoni resigned as director of the Diocesan Seminary of Verona, due to ill health, and returned to the Stimmate.

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