13 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

Silvio Albertini nato nel 1889, fu disegnatore per il nostro periodico «Il Bertoniano»

Quel giovinetto a cui lo Spirito insegna a porre come prima base della rettitudine del suo spirito questa pietra fermissima, super quam ædificata est Ecclesia, non ha egli forse la più bella disposizione ad esser chiamato da Dio allo stato ecclesiastico? (Ms Bg 5311 )

1842: Passion Sunday: Fr. John Lenotti, newly ordained, celebrated his First Mass at the Stimmate. It was attended by his family, friends and a good number of the students staying at the Stimmate. Fr. Bertoni?s name did not appear in the Mass Book this day ? nor did it ever again He would not see any other First Mass of a member of the Congregation in his life-time.

1864: The Mission at St. Mary?s Church in Rovereto concluded. An estimated 5000 flocked into the Square for the Papal Blessing. Memorial cards of the Mission were distributed.

1888: Bishop Francis Sogaro requested the services of Fr. Dominic Vicentini for Central Africa, but Fr. Peter Vignola refused. The Bishop presented the case to the Sacred Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith which ruled that Fr. D. Vicentini should go to Africa for two years.

1899: Fr. Bertoni?s body was exhumed for examination and identification as a part of the Process for his Cause. The body was exposed in a room in an upper floor at the Stimmate, which was sealed.

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