1 Luglio 2019

Santi del giorno:


Cos'è Unità, e Trinità di Dio? - Un Dio solo in tre distinte persone, ossia una sola natura divina in tre persone divine. - Quali sono queste persone ? - Padre, Figliuolo, e Spirito Santo. - Perchè sono tre "distinte" Persone divine? - Perchè il padre non ha principio, nè procede da altra Persona il Figliuolo procede dal Padre, lo Spirito Santo dal Padre, e dal Figliuolo. - Perchè sono un solo Dio queste tre Persone divine? - Perchè hanno un'istessa natura, o essenza. - Perchè hanno un'istessa sapienza, bontà, potenza etc. (Ms Bg 8)

1808: The Spiritual Diary that has come down to us from Fr. Bertoni started
with this date ? it actually only covers about a five year period I his
early Priesthood.
1835: Bishop Grasser came to the Stimmate ?there were many secret
conversations between him ? and Frs. Bertoni and Bragato. He had
come to find a Confessor for the Imperial Court.
1841: Fr. Bertoni wrote to the Superior of the Sisters of the Holy Family ?
there was a promise of mutual prayers.
1855: Fr. DaPrato left in the morning and Fr. Lenotti in the evening for
Caselle and San Massimo to care for the cholera victims.
1871: Sunday - Fr. John Mary Marani, Superior General, died this day in the
home of his niece, Mrs. Massalongo. It was about 2:30 p.m. ? he was
81 years old a month and 27 days. He died ?in exile?, as the
government had confiscated the property in October 1867.
1883: this was Election Day in Verona ? Fr. Benciolini was one chosen to
guard the polls ? he would greet each voter with his customary
?Praised be Jesus Christ!!

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