1 Aprile 2019

Santi del giorno:

La comunità scherza a tavola. Pezzetti di formaggio diventano i dadi. (Bruno Facciotti)

Come bisogna seguire diligentemente lo spirito della vocazione nostra, ed operare dietro i suoi ordini, così bisogna anche guardarsi di non fare un passo innanzi a Lui. (Ms Bg 5590).

1797: Saturday - Gaspar Bertoni receives the Ostiariate and Lectorate from Bishop Avogadro.
1836: Fr. Bertoni wrote to Mother Bussetti, Mother General of the Sisters of the Holy Family, and offered her some suggestions in her renovations to protect the Cloister at St. Teresa's. He also wished her a happy
1856: Fr. Marani was ill, so Fr. Lenotti went to Cremona to preach the Retreat to the Camillians.
1867: Monday - Fr. Lenotti preached two sermons to the high school students on Retreat at the Trinità.
1868: Frs. Lenotti and Vincent Vignola preached a three day Retreat to the Students under Fr. Fusari's care - he was in charge of the Diocesan Boarding School in Trent.
1869: Frs. Marani, Benciolini and Bassi sent a letter to Pius IX and gave a description of their life at the time. They were getting along financially by means of their ministry and everything was held in common.
1906: Arch-Bishop Morando, newly consecrated, entered Ostuni ? he had been named Apostolic Administrator here.

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